I am a HUGE Brene Brown fan.

I’ve watched and worked with her

Video “The Power of Vulnerability” several times

over the last few years.  It seems to come up when I need it… circles around on facebook… I recommend it to a friend… someone I meet brings up her name in a training, etc.

This time though is a new time for me… and someone posted this link

(I HIGHLY recommend it):


This was exactly what I needed to hear from my dear friend Brene Brown!

I am teetering on the edge of discovery and invisibility.  There is a block in the comic that talks about “I’m going to go into the arena when I’m perfect and bulletproof… but that’s not what we want to see.”  Ugh!  You’re telling me once again, to not only show up in my imperfection, but that you want that?  You want to see me still unfolding?  I have a gift to offer when I’m not completely centered, enlightened and “ready?”   You mean to say, I’m ready now?  In this instant… and I’m holding myself back?

Yes, that’s not only what this comic strip is telling me, but also what my friends, potential clients, and loved ones are telling me.  It’s time.  Time to enter into the arena, time to show up in my imperfection.  Time to leap and fail and fly and go again.

I’ve been so careful the last year and a half, noticing where I am in the grieving process… and leaning into my knowing.  It has served me well to notice when I’m not ready.  Now is a time when I need that little push… to do exactly what I don’t think I’m ready for… and step out from behind the curtain… to reveal myself.

I have a knowing it is time to enter the arena.  Not with guns, but with love and compassion and the ability to “fiercely show up.”  I got this!  are the words that come to mind, and my heart says, “please, say yes!”  I am ready, to say yes to– showing up in my imperfection and willngness to open my heart and stand with other people who are opening theirs… so leap with me.

I need you.  I cannot do this alone.  My divine purpose involves being of service to others who are ready to live the life they love… to lean into your heart’s yearnings… and fill up the world with satiated authenticity.  I’m here to live my life fully, and I would be honored to be a part of your journey.